Sea Fishing: Lymington
Lymington fishing boats pick up their anglers at Harbour Masters Pontoon (adjacent to Royal Lymington Yacht Club). They normally take out groups that have chartered the boat for the day, however most boats will also take individuals. Anglers usually bring their own rods and bait for what ever fish they are going for, however most boats will supply rods and bait if arranged prior to going on the trip.

The fishing areas are mainly south of the Isle of Wight, mid channel, north French coast and the Channel Islands, fishing can be done over wrecks, reefs and banks.

Most of the Lymington fishing boats use the Harbour Master's Pontoon (adjacent to Royal Lymington Yacht Cub) for picking-up anglers; located at the end of Bath Road, Lymington. Plenty of parking available close by. Streetmap
  Special offers
Hermit of Hythe Easter Special - 2 Hour Needles Cruise - £30 per person. Departs morning, afternoon and evening from Lymington Yacht Haven for a leisurley cruise down the Lymington River, and then enjoy a stunning high speed Solent Cruise accross to the magnificent Needles Rocks and Lighthouse. En route we will pass through Hurst Race, Forts Albert, Hurst Castle and lighthouse and then into Colwell, Totland and Allum Bay giving you fantastic views of the famous coloured sands. Then on to the famous Needles Rocks and lighthouse which rise dramatically from the sea. Call 07775681105 to book
  Fishing Boats
  Private Venture
Skipper: Aurthur Savage
Boat:South Catamaran 32/10
Tel:02380 897111
Spaces: 12 passengers plus crew
Availability: March to December
Target fish: Bass, Cod (Needles), Conger, Shark
Destinations: Deep-sea banks, Channel Island trips
  White Maiden
Skipper: Les Jones
Boat: BW SeaCat Classic 995
Tel: 07585 335783
Spaces: 10 passengers plus crew
Availability: All Year
Target fish:Bass, Mackerel
Destinations: Deep-sea reef/bank, Wreck fishing
  Southern Star
Skipper: Greg Woodford
Boat: Aquastar 33
Tel: 01425 618769
Spaces: 12 passengers plus crew
Availability: 24 hours
Target fish: Bass, Cod, Shark, Bream, Tope, Plaice, Sole, Pollock, Ling, Smoothound
Destinations:Deep-sea reef/bank & Competitions
Skipper: Kevin Duell
Boat: South Catamaran 32/10
Tel: 02380 872079
Spaces: 12 passengers plus crew
Availability:All year
Target fish: Needles cod, bass trips, off shore banks and reefs, shark trips, and conger fishing. Beginners and individuals are welcome.
Destinations: Deep-sea banks, Wreck fishing, Channel Island trips & Competitions.
Skipper: Mike Cottingham
Boat: Offshore 32
Tel:01425 619358
Spaces: 10 passengers plus crew
Availability: All Year
Target fish: Bass, Cod (Needles)
Destinations: Deep-sea banks, Wreck fishing & Competitions
  Hermit of Hythe
Skipper: Alan Brand
Boat: Beneteau Sports Cruiser
Tel: 0777 568 1105
Spaces: 8 passengers (however only 4 fishing) plus 2 crew
Availability: All Year (departs - Lymington Yacht Haven) Map
Target fish: Bass, Plaice, Black Bream and the Needles Cod
Destinations: Deep-sea banks, Wreck fishing
Harbour Master's Pontoon