Truffles Sweet Shop
97 High St, Lymington SO41 9AP
Tel: 01590 673428
Truffle’s is owned by Elizabeth Radcliffe and specialises in chocolates, sweets in jars, coffee and teas, specialty foods and greetings cards. It has been a confectionary shop for 60 years.

The shop has some interesting historic features; at the back of the shop, inside a cupboard is a well, said to be the best preserved well in Lymington. The rear half of the shop has a concrete floor, under which is thought to be a domed cellar, but no entrance has ever been found. Rumour has it that all the cellars on this side of the High Street were linked forming a smuggler’s tunnel from the quay to the church.

Opening times
Mon to Sat: 9am to 5.30pm

Truffles, 97 High St, Lymington
Truffles, shop interior
Elizabeth Radcliffe (in picture above) took over the business 23 years ago, but it wasn’t to be a good start for Elizabeth. One week after she moved in the pipe from the geyser upstairs burst and water cascaded downstairs into the shop. There was then a frantic search for the mains valve to turn off the water supply. After some time a trap door to the cellar was found underneath a cupboard and fixed to the floor by 40 screws! The mains valve was eventually located at the end of the cellar in 4 foot of water.

The water unfortunately came through the ceiling just where Elizabeth had kept her new stock ready to place on the shelves. The council also condemned all the surrounding stock and poured bleach on the confectionary to make sure it couldn’t be sold.
That wasn’t the end of Elizabeth’s troubles, once down in the cellar it was found that all the supporting pillars holding up the shop floor had rotted away.

Most of the history of the shop was passed on by members of the Furness family who in the 1920s owned this shop and 2 others (numbers 96, 97 & 98 High St). The family, including 10 brothers emigrated to Australia.
Truffles, 97 High St, Lymington